I'm leaving on a jet plane.

OK, so it wasn't a jet plane and I did come right back after about 45 minutes.

Adam Anderson offered to take either Tom or me up to fly around Nevada County. Tom volunteered me. I decided to be a big, brave girl and do it. Never before had I been in such a teensy plane. Adam behaved himself and didn't do any loops, flips, or turn the engine off. Just tilting to look down below us, caused me to clutch his arm. Overall, I can say that I enjoyed it.

I tried to get a shot of our house without seeing it. I could pick out a few landmarks so I knew the area. It wasn't until I looked at this and enlarged it that I found it - smack dab in the middle of the photo. I'm sure Google Earth will be calling.

*Tom just discovered that by clicking on the photo, you can see it much larger and actually see in our windows - well not quite, but almost.


Anonymous said...

oooh, big girl!

Anonymous said...

And you even kept your yummy Taco Bell down.
Cuz throwing up in Adam's lap would've been very awkward, don't you think? There's only certain people I feel comfortable doing that to. You're suuuuuch a brave girl, Tracie. But then we already knew that.

Anonymous said...

Wow..you've got google sooo beat! That is such an awesome picture and who knew Adam could do such a thing, as to fly? One look at him and you'd never think he could do something so grown up. Proves there is a God, huh? Oh I'm kidding Adam...geez.
My sister is the bravest of all the braves... and I'm not talkin Indians or baseball players.

I get to go next Adam!!!

Although I probably will throw up my taco bell in his lap.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Tom gave the hint to click the photo because I was totally lost.
Such a cute picture; you look just a wee bit nervous, and Adam's all cool business.
Tell Adam I have no desire to go, no suh. I would perhaps enjoy a spin in Collin's ambulance but that's the extent of my bravery.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girlie-Girl, you are my hero! I see that you have a control stick by your hands, did you actually steer that plane? You are the bravest of the brave! FYI if you click on any of the pictures they enlarge...so I checked out your picture to see if you were drooling or showing any signs of fear. You look as cool as a cucumber. Way to go Tracie!

Anonymous said...

Tracie, which is your house?


Alicia said...

Wow, Tracie the pilot add that to your resume.....Great picture, I saw your house...great shot.....looks great up close.....

Anonymous said...

You are nuts! Flying with Adam Anderson? By choice? Wow woman, you have way more guts than I do!!! Glad to see you made it back to your house.


Tracie said...

Hi everybody! I wasn't too crazy to go up with Adam. He really did behave himself and took the wheel back after
he insisted I fly the thing.
Our house is almost in the center Maria. Click on it and it gets bigger. Look closely and you'll see some rings...those are some of my garden beds.

Dana said...

Look what I can do!!! (i just learned how to leave comments!! tried before and failed.)

WeeeeeeeHaaaaaa! What fun! I love the picture of your house! Did you take an airsick bag with you?? I would have gladly collected it with your empty coke cup and peanut bag!!
You look like you are having fun.
I bet the views were breathtaking.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

I'll bet Nevada County was breath-taking from up there...much more fun than flying on one of those giant planes where old guys recline into your lap & snore.

Do you want to do it again?

Anonymous said...

In memory of our beautiful, beautiful friend...

I'm sad for us, but happy for her, as her soul is rejoicing in our Lord.

Tracie, wherever you are, our love will follow you, and bring us together again some day.


Alicia said...

I still love going back and viewing Tracie's blog..I love to see her smiling face...
I miss you everyday....I miss your smile, your laugh, your hugs, your kind words...our daily phone calls...life has not been the same..Love you dear friend...until we meet again
Love, Alicia