Danger, Will Robinson

What's that buzzing going on around my head? Could it be the Jupiter 2 thinking that they've spotted an uncharted planet on the back of my head? Can't they see that the atmosphere is thickening around the bristley orb?
Meredith and I are sporting our new haircuts. She's never had such a short one before, and I think it looks pretty darn cute on her. A little gel and she's good to go. I, on the other hand, am missing twirling the longer locks from the patch, as Tom likes to call it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but I think this is the cutest picture...
Oh, Tracie, it's almost all filled in! Tim would covet a mane like that, you know.
I can't wait to see Meredith's do. It's lookin' awful cute from the back. What do you bet, she starts a trend?
Look at those perfect ears (all 4) and graceful necks, (both) I'd cut mine if I had all that, too.
How about updating your flicker now that the blog's back? We're demanding fans.

Anonymous said...

See Tracie, its not that hard to come on here and blog, is it? I knew you had it in you. Just took a grandbaby to jump start you.

Love the picture! You two are a couple of hot Nunnink's! Very cute!


Tracie said...

Hi Michele, You could wear your hair that short! I've seen you with it pulled up and it looks great! OK, I'll add more pictures- did you see the two I added from the harvest party?

Hey Nikki,
You are right - I just have to have something interesting to actually blog about. Someone told me when her hair was growing back, she had the Nike swoosh on the back of her head.
Remind me if I start getting obnoxious when that baby arrives and blog on nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, if it looks that cute from the back, what's it like from the front I wonder? Want to see the front, please!


Tracie said...

Hi Maria! I'm not ready to expose my thinning crown yet. I'll give you a peek once it gets a little thicker. The shot in the airplane is a -shhh-wig.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you'd be wearing a hoodie! :)maria