25 Years Ago

It seems like yesterday that Tom and I were camping with Tim, Michele and others in Yosemite the weekend he proposed. That was May, 1982, and we were married in November.
To mark the grand occasion, family members gave us a surprise party. Very special and wonderful to see everyone - people who have been there, every step of the way, encouraging and loving us.
The first 25 years have been great and I'm looking forward to the next quarter century....Happy Anniversary Tom - I love you!

*Note: My wedding dress is the first and last thing I created after taking a fashion design class at Sierra College. I learned that ready-made patterns are way easier and less time consuming. At least I can say I did it, and I loved my dress.


Anonymous said...

You both looked so young. As I'm sure we all did. You look as beautiful then as you do now. Congratulations!! I'm glad you had a great day. -Y

Camille and Sean said...

Who knew Tom ever had hair!?!?!

Mellie said...

You look just like just a pretty Collin to me in this picture- Collin with curly hair and a wedding dress on. After everything the two of you have come through, you still make it look easy and fun. I'm sure it helps that Tom's kept you laughing so hard along the way. After all, he does have a very funny looking mug.
Happy Anniversary T&T. We Glenn's love you so.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful couple, family, 25 years...
You have made the Nunninks a much cooler family. And I should know, cus I was there pre-Tracie, and it wasn't quite as cool.
I love you guys so much.
~Michele (camp chaperone)

Tracie said...

Hi Y- As for that 'looking young' thing...I frequently think I STILL look that way, that is, until I look in the mirror. Thanks for the compliment. I hope you're feeling well.

Hey Camille- Can you believe how much he had? I guess you could also say the same of me. You should see the really odd way it's returning.

Mellie- I sort of do look like a version of Collin in that picture.
Yes, Tom has kept me in stitches all these years. Funny guy.
Thanks and we love you, too!

Hi Camp Chaperone- You did a swell job, too. That trip was fun, although a little 'scarey' for someone I know. Notice I didn't mention your, I mean, her name.
I think the whole family is cool and I'm thankful I'm a part of it.
We love you, too.

nikki said...

How cute! I guess since we went to high school together I should be offened that I wasn't invited to the special day!!! I still hold a grudge about that. You two were so cute together. Eric can't believe how much Grant looks like Tom back in the hair days.

Seester Patti said...

We have been so happy to have you as our 'Sister' in our family! You have been such a great wife and mother. I was always so impressed that you made that beautiful wedding dress. To another 25! Love you guys.
Seester Patti

fun_is_always_in_style said...

What a pretty dress... what a happy day! It's neat to see this :)

Camiva Mom said...

Congratulations Tracie & Tom, what a priveledge to be with the one you love and adore for 25 years!

Look at that curly hair, that must of been a perm, let's see...married in 1982, oh yeah, that was Big Perm years!!! You two were so cute and addorable in your wedding photo, and yes you both still are.

Love ya friend,

Tracie said...

Hey Nikki- Oh yea, I forgot about that little comment. I REALLY think the sun must have been in his eyes for him to think that you and I went to school together. It could have been worse - someone asked Terri if her husband was her son...she looks just like him, don't you think.

Hi Seester Patti- You're so kind. I love being a part of this giant family.

Hi Jennifer - Thanks, you can borrow it any time. Next years Harvest party?

Hi Camiva Mom - Good eyes! Would you believe Tom was the one that gave me the perm months before? How did I ever talk him into that? Must have been love. Thanks for the compliments. Miss seeing you.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome couple. No wonder your kids are so gorgeous! God bless you for another 25 years, and then some more...

Please drop me an email! Love,


Alicia said...


Amazing Dress, so much talent....!!
Amazing Couple so much Talent!!! will at least Tracie!!! Sorry Tom could not resist!!!!!
You need to post more to your blog.

Of course I could say the same for my blog.....
Love ya

Tasha said...

One day you will update your blog and it's going to be glorrrrrrrious.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh dearest Traaaaaaacie......
Surely there musy be something new and exciting in your life that you can blog about.
Lubba you,

Anonymous said...

Must. Not musy.

Tracie said...

OK, OK, OK...I've got one.

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