Way to go Naida!

Last weekend Naida participated in the triathlon in Lake of the Pines. She came in 3rd for her age group, 18-35 year olds. The swim was 1 mile. Hey, I think I see her in this picture....4th from the right, splashing.
Here she is coming in from her bike ride that was 5.6 hilly miles.
Can you believe she has a smile on her face after finishing the run that was 3.8 miles long?
I figure I completed my very own uni-thon of walking from the parking lot to the lake, and on to the finish line. Tom and Meredith competed right along with me, but I'm sure I came in first.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Naida! What an amazing feat. I truly mean it. I am tired just scrolling down the pictures...from the comfort of my office chair. And Tracie, congrats on the uni-thon, I am sure you came in first place. While I don't think I will ever attempt a triathalon, I am thinking of entering a pie eating contest. But, I want to know if I get to choose what kind of pie I have to eat...cause I only like berry, nut, or cream pies. Anyhoo, I am currently in training and will send you a picture if I ever win first place. That will be one for the mantle.

maria said...

Tracie, is there ANYONE in your family who isn't gorgeous and accomplished?

Mellie said...

Well, Tom's accomplished alright....

nikki said...

I want to be like Nadia when I grow up, she is a stud! I'm so impressed with her. Oh..and...a...you Maredeth and Tom too! Very Good!!

Seester Patti said...

Oh Fit One, how about being my personal trainer? The only thing is I don't like to swim or run. I can bike but I fall off sometimes. The thing I like best is to walk and talk. Does that work to get in shape?? Great job Naida!!!

Anonymous said...

She doesn't nag, keeps a clean house, cooks, loves babies, and now, smiles as she finishes the triatholon. What's up with Naida?
Do you think her and Philip will birth severe over acheivers?

Anonymous said...

All that training I did with her sure paid off... she sure takes after her Auntie T... wait a minute..didn't I train her in lounge chair arm wrestling? Anyway I'm sure this is very similar.
So proud Naida...Kellye says we are going to do one someday 'cause the training will give us a purpose.
Geeeeez I should start following Naida around just to keep up with my new friend.
Think she'd mind?

Tracie said...

Anonymous- Is that you TSK? Sounds like you. Should we train together for the pie contest? I'm for the cream ones also.

Hi Maria - You're so kind to say that. Yes, Naida is a wonderful daughter-in-law and isn't afraid to try out all sorts of new things - like skydiving when they were dating. Perfect match for Phillip.
And as for you Missy- You're beautiful, too, and I know that you're a smarty pants when it comes to computers.

Hey Mellie- Did you forget to say 'gorgeous', too? I thought so.

Hi Nikki - I know, I'm impressed with her also. The swimming alone almost makes me want to have a panic attack. I'd have to wear a life jacket.

Seester Patti - Us gals can stick with the walking and talking...gets the legs and jaws in shape, and leave the challenging things for the likes of Naida and Sandy.

Hi Michele - I wonder. Maybe they should have a wee one so we could see.

Hey Terri- I'm sure she wouldn't mind you being her shadow to train for Mr. Gary. Between her, Kellye, and Shaun, Gary will be eating your dust. Wanna train with Tracie and I for the pie contest?

Anonymous said...

You are to smart, girlie girl. I thought I was incognito (I had to look that up, why doesn't this have a spell checker?). Was it the pie contest that gave me away, or just too many years knowing my weird sense of humor? Anyway, I look forward to taking you and Terri on in a cream pie eating contest...no hands! Good luck girls, you're going to need it.

Anonymous said...

She should have cheated. Last year Philip and I had some great "corner cutting" ideas to try. I think she should have put on an orange vest a little way down the track and rid through all the check points. Then get dropped off real close the end, and finish strong in only 34 minutes. I think she would have to make the swim, there's no way around that, but if you work the oragne vest idea, you could kick soemserious tail. Because as you all know, if you're not cheating, you're not trying.