She said yes!

My nephew Joe, Terri's son, has been planning to ask Brittani to marry him for some time. He knew all the special people he wanted to be on the backpack trip: Terri, Keith, Scott, John Paul, Lindsay, Jake, Patricia, Brittani, and himself. He purchased the ring and came upon this perfect accessory. He and Terri were shopping in Grass Valley when they spied this rock. The shop owners loved the story of how he was going to propose and gave it to him, if he promised to come back and tell her about it. They returned, brought pictures, and explained how he placed the rock on the ground (when it was just the two of them hiking) and told her to look for 'cool' rocks. She completely missed this one. He told her to go in the direction of 'the' rock. She didn't want to. Joe picked it up and said something like,"Look at this cool one."
I didn't get info on her complete response. Did she cry? Jump up and down? Ask what took him so long?
The area they backpacked is Grouse Ridge and the lucky spot is on the Black Buttes. That might be Glacier Lake in the background. He purposefully picked this spot since it was where he became a follower of Jesus.
I love this picture of the newly engaged Brittani - John Paul took it. Come October 2008, she will be known as Brittani Britton. Congratulations Joe and Brittani! I love you both.


Mellie said...

Congratulations Tracie, on becoming a new auntie-in-law! It's a lucky girl who gets to be related to the likes of you, don't 'cha know.
Congratulations Terri on being blessed with not only a sweet boy, but also with a new daughter-in-law who sounds just peachy.

Anonymous said...

She did get teary... it took her awhile to say yes...she stood there stunned... Joe asked again..she got the teary eye and then said yes... not yeah...like Keith and Scott bet on, but YES.. NO jumping on sides of mountains... that could lead to injury.
She truly is such a special young lady... love her to death, she will add a huge blessing to our fam.
Thanks Mel for the congrats and you are correct when you say that anyone who is related to my sister is extremely lucky!
The backpack trip kicked my booty...good thing I brought along wine and a chair! The kids were totally disgusted in a backpacker like myself.. even though they sat in my chair and drank from my wine. It really was an amazing trip. What a lucky mom that I was asked to join them.
Thanks for posting this my most wonderful sis and my kids most wonderful Aunt.

Anonymous said...

OK, this confirms my suspicions that angels dwell at Grouse Ridge. I, too, finally believed there and so have several others I've talked to. In fact, if you ever see some ashes blowin' around on a hike when there, that's me. That's where I want to be thrown. (Don't tell anyone. It might not be legal.)
Congats, Teri! Oh, I'll bet you're a fun mum-in-law.
What a great story. Muy romantica.

Anonymous said...

Ahem... the above is me.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Joe & Brittani! Little Joe is all grown up...so hard to believe this is the same kid who could tuck the outside of his ears into the little hole inside(I am sure that comes from the Hamilton genes). Congrats Terri...what a privilege to be included on this special day, you are well loved!
Hi Tracie (it is, after all, your blog), has Brittani been subjected to the Hamilton "Happy Birthday" song yet? She may reconsider (just kidding, it is a birthday celebration I will never forget).
I love you, dear friend!

Seester Patti said...

Congratulations Joe, Brittani and family!! I'm so happy for you all. Joe always made me laugh. I can't believe he's all grown up.
Much happiness to you both.


Tracie said...

Mellie- Your so sweet and so is Brittani. She'll be a great addition to our family.

Terri- ooo, I love more details. Hey maybe you should write a book on how to backpack successfully. Did anyone bring candy?
You're welcome Terri Ferri Bo Berri.
It was indeed blog worthy.

Michele- I was thinking of you also when I posted this about them, remembering your story. That's such a beautiful area.

T - Love you, too, dear friend!
Terri said that, yes, he still tucks his rather flexible ear right inside his head. Why stop a good thing? I also asked her if Brittani had been subjected to our lovely happy birthday voices, and she has.
She'll add a whole new dimension to our celebrations.

Patti- I know, Joe is a funny guy. What happened to the times of him and Emily being in youth group at Sierra Pres? Why do our kids have to grow up?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Joe and the whole family!!!! I don't think we have seen Joe since he was a young teen, when was the last time we did thanksgiving together...he looks so grown up now! We think of all of you often! I am glad to have this site to check in on you from time to time ;-) Love you all! Christina Ball

Tracie said...

Hi Christina,
Good to hear from you! I was able to visit with Aunt Darlene, Betsy, and Sarah on Monday evening. That Taylor is a cutie. He may pass up Cambelle in the scale area, and he's four months younger.
I can't remember if Joe was at Betsy's a couple of years ago for Thanksgiving. Isn't he a handsome young man? Brittani is a gem.
Hope to see you all soon.