Sandy Croft's Letter

Good News!

This in from Sandy,

I just got back to my hotel room. Lynne did wonderful! God did even better. The doctors were able to remove all the cancer, and they were able to avoid the very long surgery of 10 hrs. It took 5 instead. She will be in the hospital approximately 7 days and not 14. I'm truly happy. Lynne has been such a wonderful wife, amazing friend, and truly a special mother. I can't even imagine the world without her. Thanks for all your prayers, your thoughts, and your kindness these past weeks.



Anonymous said...

She's also a patient, faithful, and kind piano teacher and my daughter adores her.
Before Madeline played in a competition, Lynn told her to always remember, you play for an audience of One.
Good news, indeed. We're praying for grace on the lives of Lynn and family.

Tracie said...

She is a wonderful piano teacher. I wish Meredith had taken longer. Sometimes she talks of starting up again. What a cool thing to tell her students.
I'm guessing that no news, is good news on the updates.

Anonymous said...

Tracie I forgot to tell you that the other night, at Joes and Brittani's little dinner celebration, we saw Sandy and the girls and I'm not sure if it was Lynnes dad or not. But he was saying that it is such good news! They all had smiles on their faces and were having a nice dinner at the North Ridge (who doesn't?) But it was great to see all of them looking so peaceful.

Tracie said...

Terri- Thanks for the update. Sandy was probably with his dad. They had to be celebrating, and what better place to do that?