Ryan's Famous Recipe

Well, here you have it. See these bundles of sweetness? I only have Ryan to blame...or maybe his lovely wife, Gretchen, for divulging his secret recipe. How can I stop at just one? They are, by far, some of the yummiest cookies, I have had the pleasure of tasting.
Apparently, it's all in the technique, along with the recipe, of course. One must hand roll them into large balls and carefully watch them in the oven, until just lightly browned. They stay soft and tall.

Gretchen & Ryan Mack
Thanks for sharing you two. I can tell this recipe is a keeper. Michele was right and I'm glad I followed her advice.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
3 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup oil
3/4 cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1-1/2 tablespoons vanilla
2 eggs
12 oz. chocolate morsels

*Ryan reminded me that it's important to mix the dry things together and the wet separately, before combining. Claims that it makes a difference. Ryan knows best.

Roll into a ball with a diameter of about 1-1/2 ". Place on cookie sheet without pressing down.
Bake at 375 degrees until lightly browned (start checking at 7-8 minutes). Leave on sheet for a few minutes before removing to a cooling rack. Gretchen and Ryan keep theirs in the freezer. My first recipe didn't last that long.

I have two batches in the fridge, ready to be baked for the family reunion - one with milk chocolate chips and the other with white chocolate and macadamia nuts. I'll have plenty of fresh coffee and lots of milk to share as well.


Anonymous said...

When I saw the picture, I thought, "I wish she'd bring some to the family reunion".... Yes!
Ok, have you ever tried Ryan's Peanut Butter Fudge? It will make you want to adopt or kidnap him, so he can make it for you everyday.
I'm pumped about camping, mostly cus you're going to be there. You must help me scowl at those guys if they smoke their cigars by us.

Tracie said...

Hi My Michele-
Ok, they're bagged up, ready to go. I may make one more batch since I passed some on to my parents. Must be sure that there will be plenty.
Gonna have to get with Ryan to get that recipe, too.
I am soooo excited to go also - especially due to you! Hope we can be neighbors. I'll have to practice my nagging voice for the cigar smoke.
How early are you going up? We are planning right after my treatment in the morning. We'll see...

Scribbit said...

LOVE those cookies. As in RIGHT now.

Anonymous said...

Milk chocolate??? Mama Pajama, well I do hope you use simi sweet for a recipe sometime.

Oh and remember to mix the dry ingredients (flour, salt, soda) separate then mix the wet ingredient separate, then mix them all together. I have no idea why, but this makes a difference. Hope you all have a great trip, and if the cigar smoke bothers you, bust out your pipe, and put them all to shame.


Tracie said...

Hi Scribbit- They are pretty yummy!

Hi Ryan- I know, I love darker chocolate myself waaaay better. The first time I made them I did separate the dry and wet. I'll remember to do that from now on.
The cigar smoke didn't get too bad, and I was able to hold off on my nagging. Who told you I was a closet pipe smoker?

Anonymous said...

Oh it takes a closet pipe smoker to know another. Of course it's been a few months since I've been able to bust mine out.

Sadie Lou said...

oh my goodness, no! Those are the best cookies ever. I tell Ryan that everytime I'm lucky enough to have them--now I'll be making them! BAD!!!!

Tracie said...

Hi Sadie-
Don't I know! Let me know how they turn out. The one plus for me is that I don't love the dough as much. I really want to use semi-sweet next time. Don't forget to mix the dry together first and combine with the wet. Yum.

Ryan- Funny guy. Maybe I should cut back to preserve the color of my teeth.