Nevada County Fair

This is one pack of excited fair goers. Got a picture before the festivities began, and I must say, they kept up the pace for the majority of the day.

Shannon, Ally, Madie, Madeline, Jackie, Meredith, Chelsea
Remember my big, overconfident post on a surefire win on the HUGE weed? Wrong. The large one on the left, is the weed I entered for my neighbor. (It was on HER property, after all.) It's taller than the garage door. I personally thought it should have received a first, due to the multiple heads, but there were two taller weeds. My wimpy one was tied to Miss Shelly's that didn't win either. Why didn't they just put up a neon sign that said 'Losers'?
Here's the proof. Laurie's very excited. Since 1st place pays $5.00, do you think she'll share her 3rd winnings with me?
And now for the food reviews. Sorry, no pictures. I must have been too busy eating. For starters, I had a baked potato, with everything, for lunch. I think that was my favorite. Next, for a little snack, I HAD to have a Cinnamon Roll with frosting, no nuts. I don't remember having one for a number of years. I think that was my favorite. For my dessert after my roll (an hour or two later), I had to have a swirl cone from the fire department. Collin's friend, Owen, made a record size one for me that required a bowl and spoon. I think that was my favorite. Finally, for dinner, I had two tacos and a Pepsi. Delicious. That maybe was my favorite. Do the calories count from Meredith's cotton candy that I only had a taste of, or a bite of her chocolate dipped cone? I didn't think so.

*Many thanks to Michele to keeping track of the girls and shuffling them around, while I planned my next eating opportunity.


Seester Patti said...

What a cute group of young gals! Sounds like a fun day. I went to the fair on Sunday afternoon mainly to get a corn dog but I got too hot and tired waiting in line just to get a ticket so opted for the zucchini & onion tempura. I was disappointed.

That is one fabulous weed! First Place was in order!

Anonymous said...

YOU forgot to tell everyone how you next entered yourself into pie eatting contest and took home first place on that..

did you leave out a soda too?

tell everyone about the slap marks on Merediths hands ... the "get" slaps.. "mine" slaps..

of course i'm kidding.. but Meredith has been warned not to look Tracie straight in the eyes.. fear of getting et? who knows for sure?

All I can say is its a good thing you didn't go on the Merry Mixer at the fair...wouldn't have been so merry! Although you could have started all over again.

Wow I'm long winded here... sorry Tracie... are you hungry again?

Tracie said...

Hey Seester Patti- Bummer about your food choices. If that would have happened to me, bad news.

Terri?- Pie eating contest! Why didn't I think of that? Next year.
Yes, I'm busted....left out a medium soda. It was probably the one that gave me my boost to survive the afternoon, too.
Feel like I must give some sort of disclaimer here...I'm on the tail end of steroids and they make me really hungry and wanting to eat all the time. Thankfully, I will be off of them by the weekend and be back to regular eating. Or not.
No, I'm not hungry right now. Just ate a bowl of strawberries, silly.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I'm glad you didn't put a picture of my grouchy face on the blog. (I was good till Madeline started bugging me.)
Wow, Tracie, you were really slipping away and chowing on your supposed "rests in the shade". No wonder Chelsea looked slightly aghast when I found you guys.
I can't believe you photographed your poor loser weed next to the winner. It looks all humiliated. What makes a "weed", anyway? Tim and I went out to Sopas Monday night. (He read your post and had to have the chicken that looks like a corn dog.) Afterward, we wandered through some neighborhoods, and we noticed that some of the yards had the prize winning weeds among their beautiful gardens, pampered as if they were roses. They are stunning and unusual. Do weeds become perennials simply because we like them? Rather philosophical, but something to consider. Are not we all just weeds that become flowers, because God declares us valuable? Or in the words of Izzy Toolinsky, we're all just between a "mess and a miracle". ~Michele

Tracie said...

Hey Terri- I forgot...you made me think of Gettle from Follow the River. Didn't she want to eat that other lady? I haven't been THAT hungry, yet.

Hey, hey, hey, Michele- Chelsea was my partner in crime. She had her own cinnamon roll to herself and was just as pleased as I was. Don't think she had ice-cream though.
Out to dinner - lucky! Did you try those fresh spring rolls? I could have eaten the whole platter of them.
As for weeds...I do think that some are classified as noxious weeds, like some form of baby's breath. Don't quote me though.
Thank God that He does declare us valuable. So many times when I garden, I'm reminded of sin (weeds) and how important it is to get the 'root' out. Lots of lessons in gardening.