Lunch with Emma.

For those of you that don't know, this is Emma (what you can see of her). Look at those beautiful smiling eyes! She has been in town, visiting for a bit and we were able to get together for lunch and do some catching up.
We went to Sopa's downtown Nevada City. I had only been there once and didn't really love what I had eaten. I let her do all the ordering since she is a Thai connoisseur. Am I ever glad I did! Feast your eyes on the Fresh Spring Rolls and the Chicken Satay.
We also had Boat Noodle Soup and Yellow Curry Vegetables over rice. This Thai Tea Ice-cream was the perfect ending to such a DELICIOUS meal.

She has convinced me to try Vietnamese next - says that there's a place in Auburn that's good. Maybe next time she's here, we'll go out again. This time on me. Thanks again Emma for lunch, but most of all, for your precious friendship.


Anonymous said...

Are you hiding your beard behind that napkin?? Tom

fun_is_always_in_style said...

yes! vietnamese = Bobo Cafe? Really good. Surpassed only by French/Vietnamese. hehe

Has something changed w/the bangs?

Tracie said...

Tom, Tom, Tom - Behave. You know she has plenty of hair challenged material on you.

Hi Jennifer- Ooooo, something yummy to look forward to. Why have I put off trying new things for so long? Time to be a big girl and branch out.
She actually was sporting a very cute new haircut.

Anonymous said...

I love that place. We went there for my birthday, Tim, Rosalyn, Madeline and me, in April and ate outside. Saw Patty and Gary.
That ice-cream is so incredible. Doesn't it have tiny chunks of some fruit, maybe mango, in it?

Mellie said...

Hi Tracie. (Or "Trackey" as Zach's so fond of calling you.) Emma's braver than I. When Joe and I took you guys out awhile back, I thought I heard the slightest hesitation in that sweet voice of yours when I suggested Sopa's. From that point, it was the 5 Mile House, for fear that you'd be disappointed and never speak to us again. (Kidding. I know you're not that ungracious.)There ice cream is to die for, and next time you (we?) go, you must try the coconut variety. Even for one such as I, who isn't crazy for the tropical delicacy, I have to tell you, it too is homemade, delicious, sweet, creamy and wonderful.

Seester Patti said...

Hey Tracie Gal,
I love that place too. One of my favorite dishes is the Pra Ram with tofu. It has a very delicious peanut sauce on it.

Hey, this is one of the first times I have ever been on a blog as I'm a little behind the times. I was thinking, if Tracie can do a blog, why can't I do a blog? Does everyone have a blog? But I don't know anything about blogs. And then I was thinking, If I get a blog what if it isn't as good as Tracie's. She can sew. I can't. She has a much cuter dog than I do. And, she knows how to download pictures. Oh well, I think I will just enjoy your blog for now! Great job. Love you Seester.
Seester Patti

Anonymous said...

I want doughnuts

Tracie said...

Hi Michele-
Funzy hanging with you today. Didn't get out of there without eating two tacos. Stopped myself on the second helping of ice cream, though.
Don't remember any chunks in the ice cream at Sopa's....but, then again, we were talking and eating at the same time. We'll have to go there for some family members birthday celebration. Cheri's is soon and Naida's is in Sept. Lots of options.

Miss Mellie- Had the pleasure of saying hi to Zach for a moment at the fair today. He spilled the beans and let me know that he sent me a letter via snail mail. Had to hug the kid.
Yes, there was hesitation on my part when we went to dinner, but no more! It's our turn next to treat and that might just be the place.
I'm ready to try the coconut variety.

Seester Patti- Welcome O Funny One to blogland. You will do dandy and I would be happy to help you set up your own blog.(if I remember) You and Sandy could post some of your famous poetry and goofy shananigans. Gary could even put his 2 cents. You could learn to download pictures, too. As for the dog.....she might be kinda cute, but I think your brother might be reaching his boiling point with that pooch. Meredith is the only reason she's still here. I think I remember Gary mentioning that he'd love to have her.

Anonymous- Me too. What's your favorite? How about chocolate frosted with cream filling? Or lemon with cream cheese? Or a box of chocolate covered ones that the waxy chocolate really sticks to your teeth?

Camille and Sean said...

I think Emma's time in the big city has finally changed her palette. She used to only eat twice baked potatoes and candy!

fun_is_always_in_style said...

up next - a complete discussion of fair food?

Mellie said...

Hi Tracie. Just got back from visiting our boy in Berkeley, and playing in the big city for the weekend. Fun place to visit, but gee are we glad that it's not home. Anyhoo. While there, we had lunch in a very yummy thai restaurant that had -yes you guessed it- homemeade coconut ice cream. But wait! These sweet thai folks took the goodness of it yet a step further and drizzled it liberally with honey, then rolled it with delicious nuts. It was mmm mmm good!
Miss you, dearest.

Tracie said...

Hi Camille and Sean- Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like she may have eaten more than you think. Was there any veggies, bacon bits or butter on those potatoes? Varieties of candy? MILK chocolate? Peanuts?

Hi Jennifer- Yes, it's been swirling around in my head. Should I be honest and list EVERYTHING I ate?

Hi Mellie- Ok, ok, ok. I will add that to my dessert list, along with the tea one.
Glad to hear you all went to see Walker. Grant talked to him last night and was thinking about visiting him this week, but won't. His plans are to come camping this weekend with us. I'll call you later to get the details.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe Tom spelled all those words correctly....left handed too! Wow..

Tracie said...

He's so talented.