Wacky Weather

When it's only 61 degrees and sprinkling outside, in the middle of summer, there's only one thing to do: make cookies. I probably shouldn't admit it, but I like the dough better than the finished product. The fear of getting salmonella doesn't stop me. (Why is it called that? It doesn't come from fish.) I sense a food advisory coming from someone.
I usually use the Tollhouse recipe, no matter what kind of chocolate chips I have. My family prefers milk chocolate. One question - why do they sometimes turn out flat and other times fluffy? I chilled it before baking. Maybe I should add more flour or try another recipe. Suggestions?


Corrie said...

Maybe your butter was too soft. Try creaming the butter and sugar less. WHat elevation are you at? You might need a bit more flour, but that can make them dry.

I love mixing the chips half semi and half milk. Your cookies look yummy.

Tracie said...

I do soften the butter in the microwave and then cream it with the sugars FOREVER. Maybe more flour. I'm at 3,000 feet. I don't think that's ever been considered 'high' for baking.
Thanks, my husband said that they're just the way he likes them. I guess I shouldn't be too worried about them being flat and a bit crunchy. Sometimes I like them a bit more cakey.

Anonymous said...

Tracie, don't tell Corrie you're at 3,000 feet, she might figure out your location and kidnap you!
My advice: Call Ryan Mack. I'm not a huge chocolate-chip cookie fan, but I can eat 10 of his. They're amazing.

Tracie said...

Ambishell, Corrie would never do that! She had a helpful hint of adding sugar to your flower water that I had commented on, on her blog. Plus, look how cute she is.
Now I'm afraid to ask Ryan for his recipe, for fear I'll eat not only the dough, but a dozen cookies as well.

Sadie Lou said...

The weather was such a nice break! I HATE summer. Bleck.

Anonymous said...

You're flat and a bit cruncy aren't you? Tom likes his cookies the way he likes you! And why the heck does sadie not like summer??? geez...
Try using wine...red wine

Anonymous said...

WAIT are there any cookies left? I could use a dozen or two right about now!

I love you my sister... I love you very much!!!
I'm stinkin proud of you too.. for all that you do.

Tracie said...

Okay Sadie, inquiring minds want to know...why do you hate summer? Try using one of those portable fans attached to a spray bottle.

T-Right about the flat thing, but 'crunchy'? I try to keep the sleepy bugs out of my eyes.
Nope, none left. It's on my mental list to get Ryan's recipe and have another go at it.
Right back atcha my sister and friend! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

maria said...

Hey, I feel like I'm butting in, but these cookies make my mouth water. Don't bother sending me the recipe, I'm baking-challenged. I'll just look at the picture and drool.

When you and Meredith visit me, I'll remind you to bring a batch!

I'm proud of you too, Tracie. It's not hard at all!

Tracie said...

Hi Maria,
Naida just gave me a new recipe that is a rumored 'great one'. I'll be trying it out soon and posting on it...maybe even an interview with the owner of it.
I'll be sure to save you some.
Thanks for your encouragement, friend.