Very Hungry Caterpillars

Here's my weeping cherry tree. At first glance, I thought the deer had been through, until it dawned on me that they don't have necks like a giraffe. Everything eaten was higher than their grazing level. Closer inspection revealed a couple of fat, juicy caterpillars and their siblings.
Tom was so brave to hand pick these ravenous red-humped caterpillars off the branches.

The woman at the nursery said, "Kill 'em." They're capable of doing a lot of damage. Options would be to remove them as Tom did, or spray with Spinosad. We're doing both.


Anonymous said...

You ought to try them suckers fried my Native American friend said there good.

Tracie said...

Too late...they went for a swim without a life-guard on duty.

Mellie said...

Ew. Ew. And again I say ew. That photo is dis-gust-ing.
Missed you today. Feeling any better?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tracie. I was trying to have my happy time and thought I'd catch up on your blog. It became my "glauca-time".
You should've had Philip shoot them. ~Michele

Tracie said...

Mellie- Tell me about it! I used the hose while Tom actually TOUCHED them.
Missed you and everyong else too - back in tip-top shape. I was happy to visit with your oldest boy-child this morning, along with Dot.

Sorry Michele - I think I would have lost interest in whatever I was eating, too.
Phillip would have had too much fun shooting them or any other target.
Now you must attempt to explain what 'glauca' is to those that are in the dark. Should I blog on it?

Anonymous said...

maybe you could send them thru your juicer and then sprinkle them on your popcorn : )

Tracie said...

Terri - I think the dehydrator would work better than the juicer. I'll fix you some.
HA!! Right back!