I did NOT grow this.

I crocheted this bath mitt with hemp. The pattern called for aloo yarn that I couldn't find locally, and the young lady that helped me thought this would have the same rough texture. (Nice for a little exfoliating.) She also assured me that the color wouldn't 'bleed'. If you don't know what a 'bath mitt' is, it's something you can use in the bath or shower, as a washcloth. In the space between, you can use with your hand inside, or as I have done, place a nice smelling bar of soap and give as a gift.
I'd give the original instructions, but I changed a few too many things. Here you go, if you're interested:
any type of rough feeling yarn - aloo, hemp, linen
10 mm afghan hook
size G crochet hook
Ch 16. Work Tunisian Crochet, alternating one forward row and one reverse row, until piece measures 11 3/4" from beginning. Fasten off.

Tunisian Crochet:
Foundation Row (pick up sts): Insert afghan hook through top loop of second ch from hook, yarn over and draw through a loop (2 sts on hook). *Insert hook into top loop of next st and draw a loop through, leaving it on the hook. Repeat from *, drawing 1 loop through each st, and leaving all loops on hook.

Reverse Row (complete the stitch)
: Yarn over and draw a loop through the first loop on hook to create 1 turning chain and bring hook up to the level of the next row. * Yarn over and bring the hook through 2 sts. Repeat from * to end of row, working from left to right and binding off 1 st each time you draw a loop through 2 loops on hook, ending with 1 loop on hook (counts as the first st of the next row).

Forward row (pick up sts)
: *Bring hook from right to left under the first vertical bar created by the first two rows and draw a loop through, leaving it on the hook. Repeat from * to end of row, drawing up a loop from under the last vertical strand. Work a Forward Row followed by a Reverse Row for a pattern.

Once you've reached the 11 3/4" bind off. Fold in 1/2 lengthwise, with the right sides together.
Stitch both side seams with a tapestry needle threaded with the yarn. Good time to slip those loose ends in the seam. Use size G crochet hook to single crochet around the perimeter. Bind off. Chain a length long enough for a drawstring. Weave it through the stitches, about 1/4" from the top. Tie ends together.

I got the idea from the book 'Oneskein'. It has 30 projects to knit and crochet that only take one skein to complete. Found it at the public library.

I love projects that can be completed in an evening. If I lose interest in that amount of time, I'm in BIG trouble.


Anonymous said...

Can I have one? I don't do the hemp anymore..but I do take showers!

Tracie said...

Finally! A comment on this post. I was beginning to feel a bit insecure...this would have been the first one without so much as a peep. Do me a favor - you can be the keeper of my blog and make sure all are accounted for. If not, leave a comment. Doesn't have to even be about the subject. Now I feel better.
Yes, I'll make you one...remind me.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

cool! I don't know how to do Tunisian crochet. Is hemp like linen? (gets softer w/ washing & lasts forever? The yarn has a nice sheen. Meadow Farm?

Tracie said...

Jennifer- I hadn't done this stitch until this project either. Nice and different. I'd be curious to see something else with it. I've never used linen so I'm not sure about the durability. Meadow Farm was closed for a couple of days, so I tried out Fibers in GV. Great place, too. There's a little sweater I'd LOVE to make Cambelle displayed on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Well done!


Tracie said...

Hi T.O.S.- Thanks. This is the stuff I got at Fibers, where you go. That book is a fun one. Returned to the Library so you can check it out.