It appears my mom's been holding out on me. After scouring local thrift stores for sewing goodies, I stopped by to pick up her old computer scanner. Once she heard what I'd been doing, she quickly started pulling fabric out and offering it to me. I couldn't decline -that would be rude. After digging for a bit, she hit the mother lode. Check these out:
Both of these are a small portions of three 3'x4' pieces. A friend of my dad's mom, Effie Dean, made these 50 years ago and passed them to my mom. She had ideas for them when my sisters and I were young, but she also suffers from 'What was I doing?'. We both had smiles on our faces when I left - hers for giving, mine for receiving.


Scribbit said...

Definitely something to stir the imagination.

I have made any quilts in a couple years but the urge hits every so often and then it's like a blank canvas.

I of course piece mine by machine but I always hand quilt them because I love the way that looks. Of course that takes FOREVER so once I'm done with a quilt I've got my fix and I'm done for a while.

Anonymous said...

Lucky!!! I'm so jealous of the stuff your mom saves.
If you make a quilt, please make it a crazy quilt, those are my favorite kind. Please, please, please.

Tracie said...

Scribbit- Congrats! You're the first person to leave a comment that I don't personally know. You should get a prize. How do you feel about Jack Russel Terriers on crack?
I've made pieced quilts in the past, but only tied them. Guess that makes them more of a comforter than a quilt.
Love your blog and the way you write.

Michele- I guess I wasn't very clear about the pieces...they're 3'x4' and already have the fabric either sewn or tacked down; ready made crazy quilts for me. Not sure what to do with them. Sort of crib size the way they are.
Yes, my mom saves everything. Stop by and see what she'll give you.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh.....You are living in my world now....getting fabric from your Mom that she has saved forever....Crazy quilt sounds like fun....Enjoy!!!!!

Sadie Lou said...

I love finds like that!! How lucky you are--you must make me something now...No, no, I insist.

Tracie said...

Alicia- See what happens when we laugh at our moms for saving so much stuff and then, bingo, you hit the jackpot. Remember when I scored on Meredith's chandelier? That was hanging in their garage for 10 years!

Sadie - You're funny. I WILL have to make you something! I have lots of ideas in my head, but I keep telling myself that I have to finish things I've started. Was able to cross a couple off my list last week. Yahoooo!