Garden Favorite

This lovely shrub is called Lavatera or Tree mallow. I like that the flowers resemble a hollyhock, but the blooms last longer and doesn't need support like they do. They come in at least two colors that I've seen - this rose shade and also light pink. My garden book says they are difficult to transplant; untrue. Many of my plants have been moved numerous times, before finding their 'home'. Does best in full sun and the deer weren't too interested in them when they were outside the garden fence.


Anonymous said...

I feel led that you should give me some seeds, when you go spermaloging. (Your innocent little blog has just turned rather provacative.)

Anonymous said...

How do you think they would do in our soil cause I like to plant some.


Tracie said...

My Michele- You're funny- I'd forgotten that word. Wasn't that from the dictionary game we played in Caribou? I know I've seen seeds from these guys, but not sure how easy they are to start. There's never been any volunteers. I planted mine from the one gallon size.

tj- I think they'd do okay. Look at how nice your lilac, boxwood, and hydrangea do.