Counting down...

Only 184 crafting days 'til Christmas. Looking at this tree skirt would appear that I'm really together, right? Wrong. Started this last fall and just finished it. It was simple to make, just a little time consuming. (Not to mention the fact that I forgot about it.)

  • plain felt tree skirt - I got mine from Ben Franklin. It may have had some trim on it that I removed.
  • green ribbon - enough to go around the circumference - Attach with glue gun or fabric glue.
  • gold sequin trim - same amount as the ribbon - Glue on top the ribbon.
  • gold beads - round ones for the center of the star shape and long ones for the other part. These were sewn one. You could try gluing them - I was afraid too much would ooze out and show.


fun_is_always_in_style said...

-Are you finding that the blog helps you finish things?
- You're blogging up a storm over here.
-Might be a catchy angle if you mention ATVs or fire jumping in your blog description.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, NOW you come up with these simple-enough-for-a-child-directions for a gorgeous tree skirt! You know full well I almost commited suicide under your direction while working on mine. You've cut me deep, Tracie, real deep.

Sadie Lou said...

I love this tree skirt. I was inspired to start making these ornaments of by dreaming of lately...
I want to have a dozen of them finished and in my shop by Halloween. Hold me accountable! Let's have a crafting day together??

Tracie said...

Jennifer- The blog makes me WANT to finish things...doesn't mean I DO. I have some things I want to start, but I won't let myself until I finish at least my mending pile and the felted pillow top. I'll mention the daredevil antics when I get more pictures or actually do them myself.

Michele- Ah, I remember those days well. You worked really hard on that skirt and did a dandy job! Since it wasn't for you, whip one of these up for yourself. No machine stitching at all. Forgive me?

Sadie- Thanks. I'd love to get together to do the crafty thing. If you come across green velvet ribbon while thrifting, let me know. I need green and red, about 1" wide for some ornaments I want to make.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

well, I made a big old comment & then clicked something & it disappeared.

re: mending - when I'm feeling obstinate I tell the mending generating masses to throw it away or put it in the thrift store pile.

re: tree skirt/michele - I hope you're not going to cut off your ear or something.

re: 1" velvet ribbon, a rare commodity. Bet you'll have to buy it new.