I love to sew things. For those of you that don't know how, I'll let you in on a little secret. Doing alterations on pre-made clothing does not fit into that category. I've discovered something I'd rather be doing than fixing a garment.


Anonymous said...

Ah...I remember this night... do you still have that scar from the gator?

Alicia said...

Oh My Gosh....This so cool!!!!!!!!!!
OK, you are going to have to help me.....You have inspired me!!!!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a typical day in your home with your boys. ~Ambishel

Tracie said...

Anonymous (TB)- You weren't supposed to tell!

Alicia- Thanks! Like I said, you'd better get me while it's still fresh in my head.

Ambishel- Remember the days when I constantly had to tell the boys to put the machetes away? I think they're the reason my hair is the color it is.